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Sunman Revitalization Initiative

The Sunman Revitalization Initiative is a registered non-profit organization made up of local private citizens and business leaders. We work on behalf of the citizens of Sunman, Indiana to enable community development. Through key investments in the town of Sunman our mission is to create a safe, and aesthetically pleasing environment where families and businesses can flourish.

Our goals:

• Attract new businesses to the town of Sunman, Indiana.

• Make determinations on the existing structures to enable rehabilitation and save our historic landmarks when possible.

• When rehabilitation of existing structures is not possible provide financial support to raze buildings deemed unsafe for our community.

• Provide safe spaces, and green places, for families and children.


Contact Information

President: Byron Bruns

Vice President: Jim Graf

Secretary: Kara Schott/Ashley Knueven

Treasurer: Karyl Schmidt


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