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Sunman Town Council

Meetings Held 3rd Thursday Each Month

6:30 pm

2020 - 2024

Randy Zins

Town Council President

Don Foley

Don Foley serves on the Sunman Town Council and Sunman Area Life Squad. Don has a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Marshall University and is retired from a successful career in manufacturing management.

Town Council Member

Carol Eckstein

Carol Eckstein has been a resident of Sunman for over 30 years and is passionate about the issues that impact the community today and in the future. She has 15 years of management experience, and a long-history of successful customer service. Carol believes bringing the community together and being transparent about the issues is the best way to bring about positive change.

Town Council Member

Cheryl Taylor

Cheryl Taylor, a Sunman resident, is committed to improving quality of place and life of her town. Ms. Taylor previously worked for an environmental consulting firm in Indianapolis to assist under-served communities to secure Federal and State funding to identify, assess, and redevelop brownfield properties.


Prior to working with the environmental firm, Cheryl dedicated her life to The Salvation Army working as a grant writer, community services liaison, and the internal accounts auditor. Cheryl is dedicated to her community and wishes to make Sunman a thriving town that continues to be a safe, healthy, and desirable place for our residents.

Town Clerk-Treasurer

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