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Sunman Water, Wastewater & Sanitation

Utility bills are due on the 20th of Each Month


It is important to report any water or sewer leaks immediately. Please call 812-623-2066 during business hours, or 812-212-5227 after hours.

New Service

New service will be started within 48 hours of completed application after approval. 
Water service will not be started after 2:30 pm. 
Cash or check only is acceptable for meter deposits; rental properties $150, owned properties $75.

Water Meters

Meters are read on a monthly basis.
The only time readings are estimated is when severe weather prohibits access to the meter.


Shut-off for non-payment is given to delinquent accounts 15 days before disconnection. If bill is not paid in full by 12 noon on the 15th day, water service will be disconnected. 
There is a reconnect fee of $25 plus full amount of past due bill before water will be reconnected.

Water Bills

Water bills are mailed on or before the 1st day of the month and are due and payable by the 20th. 
The 21st day of the month penalties are applied to the bill.

Summer Meter Program

Customers who are on our sewer system may purchase a summer meter from the Utilities Office for the present-day price, currently, the cost is $135.00.
The meter attaches to the outside spigot and the garden hose. This meter is for outdoor use only (watering lawns, washing cars, filling swimming pools, etc.).
Customers will receive a notice in the Fall asking for their meter readings.

The reading is entered into the billing system, and the amount of water that passed through the summer meter is deducted from the customer’s sewer consumption.
The deduction amount cannot be more than the consumption billing so some customers may receive more than one deduction over a period of billing cycles.

Final Bill

To receive your final bill  come to the Town Hall to sign the final notice paperwork.  A forwarding address is needed for the final bill and to return your water meter deposit.
You will be responsible for the water until the final paperwork is submitted.

Sunman Utilities

Contact Information

604 N Meridian St

Sunman, IN 47041

P.O Box 147

Sunman, IN 47041

Phone: (812) 623 - 2066


After- Hours Emergencies: 

(812) 212 - 5227

Utility Superintendent: Open

Utility Operator: Connor Getz

Utility Operator: Joe Mitchell


Our mission is to provide efficient, effective, and reliable water and wastewater utility services in a manner that respects the natural environment.


To manage our organization and water resources to meet evolving regulatory requirements, water supply needs and customer expectations in the future.


Sunman’s Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems is focused on earning and maintaining the trust of our customers by contributing to the protection of public health, the environment, and our water resources for today and tomorrow. We believe by incorporating resilience into our risk management structure, we can improve our response and recovery strategies, thereby mitigating the potential for loss of service.

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