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Sunman Park Board

The mission of Sunman Park Board is to provide a superior and cost effective recreation and park experience that is attractive and accessible for all of the Sunman community; creating a better quality of life, access to the outdoors, and the opportunity for play for all ages and abilities.

For Park Rental call (812) 623-2066

The Park Board holds its public meetings on the first Monday of each month at 6:30 P.M. at the Town Hall


Thank you for considering a sponsorship with the Town of Sunman Community Park. The Internet has opened up a world of information and opportunity for the majority of people, but 24.3% of Sunman residents remain without access to the Internet. Without it, it’s harder for our children to do their homework, adults to find and apply for jobs, etc. This program offers technology access to everyone in the park area free of charge.

What to expect with your pledge of support


Recognition at Events 

  • Verbal recognition of sponsorship at all Sunman events.

Advertisement at Park

  • A 2.5' x 4' Full Color Vinyl Banner at Park.

Advertisement in Newsletter

  • Front page advertisements in two newsletters of that year.

Online Recognition 

  • Sponsor’s company logo and a link to their website will be highlighted on the Town of Sunman Website.

  • WiFi location will be named after the sponsor and added to the Indiana Public WiFi Locations GIS Map

A Big 'Thank You' to all of our volunteers!

Park Board

Contact Information


Park Board Members:

President: Erick Taylor

Vice President: Julie Brock

Secretary: Tricia Freyer

Treasurer: Milinda Middlebrooks

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